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Shop With Adrian - Coming Soon

Hi all and welcome to the first blog on Adrian's new site. Please feel free to have a look around, and if you have the time, maybe join up (it's free) and upload some of your favorite pictures or videos of your fur-babies.

Over the coming days, Adrian's store will open up, where you will be able to buy personalised pet products such as food and water bowls, pet mats, collars, and bandannas, as well as the usual mugs, coasters, chopping boards, cushion covers, bags, the list goes on, all with a picture of your furry friend and any text you like. There will also be pre-printed, pet-related items in store too. It won't all happen at once, as there is a lot to sort out, so keep an eye open. I'll keep you all posted on here and on Adrian's dog walker page. Alternatively, sign up for Ade's newsletter and keep up to date with what's happening.

So that's it for now, let us know what you think.

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